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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important considerations for your wedding day. Get it right and you will have a beautiful set of images to enjoy throughout the years. The wrong photographer may not only interfere with your wedding day but also result in an amateurish set of images that are inferior to those your guests take with their phones.

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Departing after the wedding ceremony.

Experienced professional photographers will capture the emotions and nuances of the day as well as composing some spectacular feature wedding portraits suitable for a framed display at home. Over the years involved in the wedding industry we have seen many ‘amateur professionals’ (you would be surprised how many wannabe photographers can make professional looking websites) miss the mark with a narrow focus on rigid pictures of wedding parties standing in police-like line ups.

Things to look for in a photographer

Photo portfolio

Whilst most experienced photographers will have produced a large volume of typical wedding photography, if you look through sever photographers’ galleries you will notice signature difference in their work. A preference for particular colours, hues, softness or sharpness of focus, backgrounds, and portrait styles should be evident. Look past the one or two display images into the everyday images you can find. Possibly a Google image search will give you a broader cross section of their work than is accessible on their website.

Shortlist photographers who capture your interest.


In the internet age good photographer will have a legion of fans with reviews documented on Facebook, Google My Business and directory sites like Easy Weddings in Australia. Whilst review sites and testimonials found on business websites can be falsified and filtered in some cases, the weight of numbers tends to give a good reflection of experience and overall customer satisfaction.

It can be difficult starting out in a profession and no doubt there are many gun photographers making a beginning in the industry. I’m sure they many will do a great job, but there are also a lot of inexperienced beginners who will give little value (even at a cheap rate). Your wedding photography should be a priority on the day, not a disappointment that you cannot recreate at a latter date. Let the amateurs cut their teeth on someone else’s wedding.


Look for membership to a Professional Photographers association as guidance to the photographers credibility.


Ensure you spend time meeting the photographer to get a feel for their personality. No other person will be with you more on your wedding day. Look for someone with a noted reputation for being friendly, fun and able to direct guests to comply with poses in a quick and effective manner. We have seen a range of photographers from wimp (nobody complies) to dictator (resentful compliance) which both lead to an unsatisfactory feeling on your wedding day.


Experience is a valuable component to look for in a photographer. An experienced photographer understands the minimum photographic requirement required to cover the images needed for your wedding. They are also aware of composition and are very efficient at collecting the images. This means you will not be posing for huge sections of your wedding day while they experiment with different arrangements. Experienced photographers will position themselves in the best locations and position your party and guests efficiently too which all leads to a minimal disruption of your wedding day. They will also be better equipped to recognise and capture the special moments that help to make every wedding unique.

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Incidental photos are often the work of a second photographer

Location experience

We have often experienced a wedding where a noted photographer has been flown in from across the country or is an international celebrity photographer. If you have a good reason to import a photographer, ensure that you allow a day for them to get some local experience by having somebody drive them to the venues available on the day. A local wedding limousine business would often be familiar with the popular photo locations in the areas involved. Despite their unquestioned talent and experience we have often witnessed a visiting photographer miss some great photo locations ‘on the doorstep’ of a venue because of limited local experience.

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Local experience ensures spectacular wedding photography locations

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